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New Feature: Reclaiming Plots

Reclaiming Plots

Are you worried about your cemetery running out of space in years to come? Space is dwindling in many of the world’s largest cemeteries, which has resulted in some countries and cities beginning to look at the idea of grave reuse, a practice that has seen various guises throughout history. This could serve to not only solve a spatial issue, but could also create new revenue for cemetery owners.

In order to accommodate this procedure, we’ve developed functionality to allow users to step through the reclaim and reuse process using PlotBox.


So how does it work? Firstly, in order to comply with legal regulations, users can customise the length of warning time that must be given when reclaiming a plot within PlotBox. Once they have started a reclaim on a deed, they will not be able to proceed any further with the reclaim until the warning time has expired. 

Users also have the ability to configure a Deed Reclaim Workflow and a mandatory checklist. This helps to ensure regulations are being adhered to and eliminates the potential to make mistakes or forget about important steps of the legal process regarding plot reclamation.

Reclaiming Plots


Once the reclaim process is complete and the plot has successfully been reclaimed by the cemetery, that plot is now available for resale. Staff will be warned when selecting a reclaimed plot that they are selling one that has been reclaimed.

Reclaiming Plots

In order to make space in the plot, a “Lift and Deepen” must be carried out, which will create a lower level where the current deceased’s remains will be placed. This can be processed through Plotbox, using our work orders module.


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