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Advanced Cemetery Mapping Software with PlotBox

Are you in search of cutting-edge cemetery mapping software? Look no further than PlotBox!

We offer a revolutionary solution that utilizes high-resolution drone imagery, delivering precise site mosaics with an impressive accuracy range of 1-3 inches. With PlotBox, you can experience a 360-degree cemetery view, along with immersive mausolea and columbaria mapping options, providing unparalleled visibility and insight into your facilities.

Tailored Mapping Solutions

Whether you have paper maps or excel spreadsheets, PlotBox can help you seamlessly transition to digital mapping. Our verification process ensures real-time inventory audits, offering a forensic audit of your cemetery inventory.

Best-in-class data verification

Our verification process provides a forensic audit of your inventory in real time.

Unlocking Added Value with Digital Mapping

With PlotBox's digital mapping, you unlock added value from all our modules. Seamlessly link your data for smarter operational workflows, improved efficiencies, and enhanced communication.

Identify risk before it happens

Understanding your cemetery inventory thoroughly allows you to proactively identify risks and prevent potential issues. Stay up-to-date with memorial safety inspections and manage grounds team workloads efficiently.

Enhance Family Experience with 'Walk-to-Grave' Functionality

Our innovative 'walk-to-grave' feature enables you to guide families directly to their loved ones' burial sites using our iPad app. Deliver a better experience with just a click.

A Cemetery Mapping Solution for Esker Lawn’s Pre-need Plots

Digital Maps: Your Secret Weapon for Cemetery Event Planning

Verified Drone Mapping - The True Digital Mapping Solution 

PlotBox's pioneering cemetery mapping and verification process offer the world's first and only 'true' digital mapping solution.

Key Benefits of Verified Mapping

Access your cemetery maps anytime, anywhere.

Conduct efficient inventory audits.

Get a visual view of plot statuses.

Utilize integrated filter search options.

Offer 'walk-to-grave' functionality for families.

Experience VERTICA Mapping and VISION Memorial Transcription.

Perform memorial safety inspections.

Generate powerful mapping reports.

PlotBox Mapping on iPad

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What is the purpose of PlotBox mapping software?

The mapping software is designed to transform cemeteries by providing a detailed mosaic of the site using high-resolution imagery captured by drone technology. It offers a 360-degree view of the cemetery, allowing users to explore immersive mausolea and columbaria mapping options for a comprehensive understanding of the facilities.

How accurate is PlotBox mapping software?

The mapping software boasts an impressive accuracy of 1-3 inches. This high level of precision ensures that the detailed mosaic created by the software provides an accurate representation of the cemetery.

How does the drone technology work in capturing the imagery?

The drone technology utilized by our software captures high-resolution imagery of the cemetery. These drones are equipped with advanced cameras that capture aerial shots of the site from various angles, allowing for comprehensive coverage and detailed mapping

What are the benefits of using the mapping software for cemeteries?

By using our mapping software, cemetery owners and managers can gain unparalleled insight into their facilities. They can explore the cemetery in a 360-degree view, analyze immersive mausolea and columbaria mapping options, and understand the layout and organization of the site like never before. This software enables better planning, decision-making, and management of the cemetery.

Is the mapping software user-friendly?

Absolutely! Our mapping software is designed with ease of use in mind. It offers a user-friendly interface that allows cemetery owners and managers to navigate and explore the cemetery effortlessly. The intuitive controls and interactive features make it accessible to users with varying levels of technical expertise.

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