Cemetery Mapping Services & Software

Our high-resolution drone imagery creates a mosaic of your site, accurate to 1-3 inches. 

With a 360-degree cemetery view as well as immersive mausolea and columbaria mapping options available, you won’t get a better view of your facilities.

Mapping tailored to you

From paper maps to excel spreadsheets. No matter what we can help you.

Best-in-class data verification

Our verification process provides a forensic audit of your inventory in real time.

Your mapping solution unlocked

Digital mapping unlocks added value from all of PlotBox’s modules. Linking your data provides you with smarter operational workflows, increased efficiencies and improved communication.

Identify risk before it happens

Knowing your inventory inside out lets you know exactly where the risks are and how to avoid them. As well as keeping up to date with your memorial safety inspections and grounds team workloads.

Provide a better experience

Our ‘walk-to-grave’ functionality lets you quickly and easily show families exactly where their loved ones are buried and how to get there - all at the click of a button using our iPad app.

A Cemetery Mapping Solution for Esker Lawn’s Pre-need Plots

Digital Maps: Your Secret Weapon for Cemetery Event Planning

Verified Drone Mapping 

Not all maps are created equal. Our pioneering cemetery mapping and verification process is the world’s first - and only - ‘true’ digital mapping solution.

Key Benefits:

Access anywhere at any time

Inventory audit 

Visual view of plot status

Integrated filter search options

Walk-to-grave function 

VERTICA Mapping and VISION Memorial Transcription

Carry out memorial safety inspections 

Produce powerful mapping reports 

PlotBox Mapping on iPad

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