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Life at PlotBox

Life at PlotBox 
At PlotBox, we have a great team. We trust and support each other; grow and learn together and have seen the company grow from strength to strength. We are always on the lookout for great people to join our team so if you are looking for a new challenge in an industry that you might not have considered before, have a read to see why PlotBox might just be the place for you!
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Team PlotBox

Summer Internship: Expectations Vs. Reality

Lauren joined PlotBox nine weeks ago as a Summer Intern, and when she isn’t busy working, you’ll find her at the beach or exploring new coffee shops with her friends.

A Day In The Life of a Data Migration Engineer at PlotBox

I started working at PlotBox two months ago so I am still relatively new, but already I feel really engaged with all aspects of PlotBox and have got on like a house on fire with my colleagues within the data team and other teams too.

A Day in the Life of a Developer at PlotBox

Ciaran McKenna has been a Software Development Lead with PlotBox since 2018. Here he describes how he balances family and working life during a typical day while meeting the challenges of our changing world.

University to the Working World

Darragh McGivern recently joined PlotBox as Global Marketing Intern, having graduated from Ulster University. Here he describes his experience of becoming a valued member of the team, from onboarding and training, to ongoing career development.

Healthy Habit Building

It can take about 21 days to form a new habit, as PlotBox Senior GIS Technician Heather Linden explains.

A Day In The Life of a Customer Application Support Consultant

Claire Melville joined the PlotBox team a year ago, having graduated from Queen’s University Belfast. Here she describes her role as a Customer Application Support Consultant and how she provides support to PlotBox customers during a typical day.

A Day In The Life of a Junior Product Consultant

When I began my role with PlotBox a few months ago, I wasn’t sure what to expect. Moving into a new role in a new industry was daunting, but all fears quickly disappeared within my first week!

Do what makes you happy: Looking after my mental & physical well-being

We’ve all heard the phrases ‘self-care’ and ‘me time’, but what do they mean?For me, they mean looking after your mental and physical health and your overall well-being. Like many, I’ve experienced the negative effects of stress, anxiety and both...

How I’ve looked after my mental and physical wellbeing

I hope you’re well. 

The majority of emails I send and receive these days begin with this phrase, or one with a similar sentiment. I always thought it was just a nice thing to say, but now, I say it with real sincerity. I do hope you’re well. In the...

Looking After My Mental And Physical Wellbeing

This year during lockdown my daughter and I finally took the plunge and began sea swimming!  Wanting to focus on something new that would boost our mental and physical health and get us through the long winter months, we thought this new adventure...

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