PlotBox Packages & Pricing 

No two death-care providers are the same, so why should your solution be? We pride ourselves in truly understanding your organisations needs and challenges and making sure we are the right technology partner for you.

Step 1 

A discovery call is the chance for us to understand what your needs and challenges are.

Step 2

A personalised online demo is built and presented for you and your decision making team.

Step 3 

We deliver a tailored PlotBox Partnership proposal based on your needs, challenges  and budget. 

We will consult with you to develop a package of modules that suits your specific needs. Enquire using one of following examples that best represents your circumstances and kick off a conversation about your individual requirements.

Our 3 package options provide the flexibility to build a plan that suits your needs, as well as your budget.


Often utilized by smaller teams mostly focussed on at need and carrying out approximately 50-100 burials/cremations annually. The main objective is to meet the critical requirements of effective facility management such as record keeping, contracts and scheduling.                                                                                                                                                                                                                           


Everything in Pro and typically for the very largest, busiest and most complex cemetery or combo operators managing +250 burials/cremations annually. Enterprise customers are often firmly focused on pre need with large sales teams and expansive outreach programmes. Functionality can expand into CRM for Sales, Trusting, Commissions and Assignment Funding. 

We listen to you

We’ll explore your operational requirements to ensure a solution that provides maximum benefits to your organization.                                                  

Here to help

We’ll provide everything you need to ensure that the right people in your organization are invested in our journey together.                              

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