Cemetery Memorial Mason Software

The PlotBox Memorial Mason Portal enables you to manage stonemason requests for work permits online. View, approve, track and sign off in one streamlined process, saving you time, improving communication and ensuring compliance.

Improved communication

No more back and forth with phone calls, faxes and post- one place for all comms between masons and staff to be contained, tracked and organised.

Smarter workflows

A single, intuitive process for masons and staff from start to finish: sign-up, request, approve, book, complete and sign off. With zero touch.

Ensure regulation compliance

Configure checklists, define mandatory actions and upload all necessary documentation to keep you and your masons on track with all memorial works.

Key Features:

Better communication with Memorial Masons

24/7 online access

Automatic request / approval notifications

View permit history and statuses

In app communication

Configurable work permit checklists

Upload documents against checklist items

Upload headstone images and set against plot record

Memorial Mason Portal iPad

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