Funeral Director Software

The PlotBox Funeral Director Portal provides Funeral Directors with 24/7 online access to request booking slots from your cemetery and crematory calendars - streamlining processes, improving communication, reducing paperwork and freeing up time for your staff.

Scheduling made easier

Funeral Directors can easily select the facility, diary, time, date and service type to provisionally book an event and block off slots in your cemetery or crematory calendars 

Full integration

Document management made easy - upload and view all necessary paperwork in digital format, as well as review any outstanding invoices in one platform.

Key Features:

Better communication with Funeral Directors

Self service 24/7 online access

Available at any time from any device

Easily viewable ‘Requested events’ dashboard

Serve families better

Upload and manage all paperwork

Access invoicing information

Funeral Director Portal Dashboard

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Funeral Director Portal - PlotBox