Finance and Administration

Fragmented systems make reporting a difficult process, often times with lots of reconciliation required to make data sources tally. Transform your world for the better by being able to prepare accurate financial reports for your superior and Board with ease and speed. Say goodbye to double or triple entry of data and welcome the arrival all your functional systems being fully integrated, be it sales data, live inventory, or receivables. Seamless!


PlotBox holds a huge amount of financial data so we want to make it easy for you to interpret, without having to pull together a ton of Excel spreadsheets. Our main accounting reports include: General Ledger, Accounts Receivable, Liabilities, Trust Funding and more!

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GL Report

Contract Management

The benefits of our cloud solution means you can sell from anywhere on any device, with quick and easy access to your inventory, maps and records. You can even process payments online and get an electronic signature on your contract.

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Records Management

Record Management

Bring all deceased records together into a quickly searchable database that includes images of headstones, paper records, and is linked to locations.

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Deed Management

Keep track of grave owners with ease using our deeds module. Enter, edit and print deed documents at the click of a button. 

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Deeds Management
Booking Schedule


Maintain customized diaries and schedule appointments and services right from a Contract. Burial orders, labels and other 'paperwork' are auto generated from the system to avoid duplication.

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Memorials Management

Our memorials module is used to manage memorial leasing in cemeteries. Users are notified about expiring memorials, reminder letters can be auto-produced in the system and management can quickly pull reports to view memorials sold by type.

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Memorials Management
Document Management

Document Management

Wouldn't it be great if ALL your documents could be safely stored in ONE place? Now they can - even the really old stuff! PlotBox can host images of old maps, lot cards, book registers and more, all linked to your electronic records.

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