Vertical Mapping for Mausolea and Columbaria

PlotBox Vertica Mapping provides an immersive 360 degree view of both indoor and outdoor Mausolea and Columbaria. Enter a 3D view of the space, navigate corridors, and search real time inventory availability.

Track your records

Have total confidence on exactly what you have to sell and where with real time inventory status.

Powerful sales tool

Our 360 map allows you to show families everything they need to make a decision 'there and then'.

Immersive experience

PlotBox’s vertica mapping module provides families with a complete 3D experience to make a decision in real time.

Key Features

Heat map shows real time inventory status

Linked to your digital plot records, including deed holder

Increase pre-need sales and speed up the buying process

Switch between views to show families exact locations

Interact with wall tags and use as reference points to search availability

PlotBox Vertica Mapping on a Laptop

Like to learn more about Vertica mapping ? 

Download our solution one pager for more information.

Vertica Mapping - Solution Download