Management Software for Cemeteries

Don't let outdated and disjointed systems hold you back! They cost you valuable time and money, increase risk, and put a limit on your growth potential.

With PlotBox's cemetery management software, you can operate at the highest standards with ease. Our all-in-one platform offers greater visibility of your inventory, smarter workflows, streamlined sales processes, and simplified financial management.

Say goodbye to the headaches and hello to success with PlotBox.

iPad showing the mapping features of PlotBox

Map Your Cemetery Site

Utilising high-resolution drone imagery, our cemetery mapping service creates a precise and comprehensive digital map that offers unparalleled visibility, complete with real-time inventory updates.

Inventory Control

Our comprehensive inventory control system consolidates all the necessary information for efficient management of your burial plots.

Efficiently Manage Your Documents

Digitally safeguard your priceless legacy by securely storing scanned images of important documents, including books, cards, and contracts.

Streamlined Cemetery Records

Connect your cemetery records and effortlessly search through them with our system, ensuring a reliable "single source of truth." Increase efficiency, reduce errors, and eliminate duplication with ease.

Key Features of Cemetery Software

Avoid scheduling conflicts with shared calendars

Schedule and connect events, including cremations

Cremation reporting tools

Send reminder letters for memorials and collections

24/7 online booking for Funeral Directors

Cemetery Reporting on PlotBox

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