Management Software For Crematoriums

Elevate your crematorium management with PlotBox's cutting-edge software. Our comprehensive solution empowers you to efficiently manage your teams, enhance communication with deathcare partners, streamline processes, and maintain compliance.

Keep Your Crematorium Running Smoothly With PlotBox

Effortlessly manage your crematorium's schedules with fully customisable calendars, securely store and print all essential documents, and gain valuable insights with our comprehensive crematorium reporting tools.

Portal For Funeral Directors

With the Funeral Director Portal, you can elevate your customer service to at-need families by granting Funeral Directors 24/7 access to your online calendars. This allows them to assist families promptly and efficiently in their times of need. 

Manage Documents Efficiently

Access all crematory documents quickly and easily. Store everything in one place and avoid unnecessary paperwork. Print what you need, when you need it.

Connected Calendars

Ensure your team is always in sync with the latest cremation bookings using our shared, customisable calendars with daily, weekly, or monthly views. Our real-time updates keep everyone on the same page.

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