Cemetery CRM Software 

PlotBox's cemetery CRM software enables you to seamlessly monitor and analyse every interaction with your customers throughout their lifecycle, empowering you to forge lasting connections, enhance lead generation, strategise marketing efforts, and streamline sales activities right from the get-go.

PlotBox CRM on iPad

Improve relationships 

Tailor journeys for better relationships.

Simplify processes

Effortlessly manage records of the deceased, property deeds, and contracts with ease.

Full visibility of your pipeline

Your team will have complete visibility into your pipeline, ensuring that everyone is on the same page at all times.

5 reasons your cemetery needs a CRM system


The 7 Best CRM Features For Cemeteries

Key Features:

Lead sourcing and tracking

Communication log

Pipeline tracking

Track sales team activity

Task assignment

Generate quotes

Reports on sales

User classifications

PlotBox CRM Reporting

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