Memorial Mason Portal For Cemeteries

With the PlotBox Memorial Mason Portal, you can effortlessly handle stonemason requests for work permits online. From viewing to approving, tracking and signing off, it's all streamlined into one convenient process, meaning you save time, enhance communication and stay compliant.

Better Communication

Eliminate the tedious back and forth of phone calls, faxes and post - enjoy the convenience of a single platform to contain, track and organise all communications between masons and staff

Efficient Processes, Made Simple 

Experience an effortless and streamlined process from beginning to end with our intuitive system. Masons and staff can easily sign up, request, approve, book, complete and sign off - all without any physical contact required.

Comply With Regulations

Ensure compliance with regulations by setting up detailed checklists, outlining mandatory actions, and uploading all essential documentation to keep both you and your masons on track with all memorial works.

Key Features of Memorial Mason Portal

Improved communication with Memorial Masons

24/7 access

Automated notifications for requests and approvals

Check permit history and status

Effortlessly communicate within the app

Customisable permit checklists.

Attach necessary documents to corresponding checklist items with ease

Easily upload images of headstones and assign them to their respective plot records

Memorial Mason Portal iPad

Like to learn more ? 

Download our solution one pager for more information.

Mason Portal One Pager


What is the PlotBox Memorial Mason Portal?

The PlotBox Memorial Mason Portal is an online platform that allows stonemasons to manage work permit requests electronically. It streamlines the process by providing features such as viewing, approving, tracking, and signing off on permits in one convenient place.

How can the PlotBox Memorial Mason Portal save me time?

The PlotBox Memorial Mason Portal eliminates the need for manual paperwork and in-person interactions. By digitising the process, it reduces administrative tasks, automates approval workflows, and simplifies communication, ultimately saving you valuable time.

What are the benefits of using the PlotBox Memorial Mason Portal?

Using the PlotBox Memorial Mason Portal brings several advantages. Firstly, it improves communication between stonemasons and permit requestors by centralising all information and updates in one place. Secondly, it enhances efficiency by providing a streamlined process for managing work permits. Lastly, it ensures compliance with regulations by maintaining an organized record of all permit-related activities.

Can I track the progress of work permits through the PlotBox Memorial Mason Portal?

Yes, the PlotBox Memorial Mason Portal allows you to track the progress of work permits from submission to approval. You can easily monitor the status of each permit, view any comments or updates, and ensure timely completion of the approval process.

How does the PlotBox Memorial Mason Portal improve communication?

The PlotBox Memorial Mason Portal improves communication by centralising all permit-related information in one place. It allows stonemasons and requestors to exchange messages, provide updates, and share documents within the portal. This eliminates the need for lengthy email chains or phone calls, promoting efficient and transparent communication.

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