Revolutionise your cemetery mapping with our cutting-edge software.

Experience the ultimate cemetery mapping with our cutting-edge software, powered by high-resolution drone imagery that creates a precise mosaic of your site, boasting an accuracy level of 1-3 inches. Get a complete 360-degree view of your cemetery, and immerse yourself in our mausolea and columbaria mapping options to discover every detail of your facilities.

This is the perfect way to revolutionise your cemetery management.

Personalised mapping just for you

We provide customised mapping services, from digitising old paper maps to sorting data on Excel. Tell us your needs, we're here to assist.

Cutting-edge data verification

Experience a real-time, state-of-the-art forensic audit of your inventory with our innovative data verification technology.

Unlock your full potential with our mapping solution

Integrate digital mapping for smarter workflows, improved efficiency and better communication. Unlock the full potential of our mapping solution.

Anticipate risks 

Understand your inventory to anticipate risks and take preventative measures. This includes monitoring safety inspections and your grounds team's workload to ensure proactive risk management and the safety of your memorial.

Improve experience.

Our iPad app's 'walk-to-grave' feature quickly guides families to their loved ones' burial sites.

Cemetery mapping software: the key to inventory management


The Importance of Digital Mapping for Cemeteries 

Drone Mapping Verification

No two maps are alike. Our revolutionary approach to cemetery mapping and verification is the first and only truly digital solution of its kind. Experience the unparalleled accuracy and precision of our drone mapping verification today.

Key Benefits:

Gain access from anywhere and at any time 

Audit inventory

Plot status view

Filter search options integrated

Grave-site navigation function 

Conduct safety inspections for memorials

Generate detailed and insightful mapping reports with ease

PlotBox Mapping on iPad

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