Calendar Software For Cemeteries

Our scheduling software streamlines the booking and management of burials, cremations, and appointments across multiple sites from one location, saving time and boosting confidence for your team.

PlotBox Scheduling Solutions

Stay connected at all times

Ensure everyone stays in the loop with daily, weekly, and monthly calendars. Keep track of schedules, avoid double-bookings, and stay on top of everything.

Maximise Your Efficiency

Streamline your productivity by scheduling a contract that automatically generates burial orders, labels, and other essential paperwork, eliminating the need for repetitive tasks.

Portal for Funeral Directors

Funeral directors can now effortlessly view and book online, even outside of business hours, eliminating tedious paperwork and providing them with more time to focus on what matters most - caring for their families

Key Features:

Real-time shared calendars

Multiple calendar views

Colour-coded views

Automated paperwork

Burial map view

Portal for Funeral Directors

PlotBox scheduling on iPad

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