Revolutionise your Stonemason Management With PlotBox's Memorial Mason Portal

 Our platform allows you to effortlessly handle work permit requests online. With a streamlined process, you can view, approve, track, and sign off with ease, saving valuable time while improving communication and ensuring compliance.

Streamlined communication

Say goodbye to the hassle of phone calls, faxes and post! Our platform offers a central hub for all communication between masons and staff, making it easy to keep track and stay organised.

Efficient Processes

Experience a seamless and user-friendly process for masons and staff, from initial sign-up to final sign-off. Our streamlined approach includes requesting, approving, booking, completing, and signing off, all with zero touch.

Comply with regulations

Create checklists, add required actions and upload documentation to ensure compliance with regulations for memorial works.

Key Features:

Improved communication with Memorial Masons

24/7 online availability

Automated request/approval alerts

Track permit history and status

In-app messaging

Tailor the work permit checklists to your specific needs

Attach documents against checklist to ensure work has been completed

Easily upload images of headstones and associate them with the corresponding plot record for seamless record keeping

Memorial Mason Portal iPad

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