PlotBox Deeds and Inventory Management

Keep track of and manage deeds with ease

The PlotBox deeds information management system allows you to enter, edit and print deed documents at the click of a button.

Provide your teams with all of the information they need to keep track of and maintain plot ownership, manage tenure and administer interment rights - all from a single, integrated information and records management system.

Key Features:

  • Allocate plots to a deed
  • Apply fees and lease details
  • Print customizable details
  • Manage deed renewals

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Manage inventory and streamline sales processes

Our plot management system pulls together all of the information you need to manage and record your plots efficiently and effectively, including: locations, plot types, capacities and dimensions.

Integrated cemetery mapping software lets you see at a glance burial plot locations, with a colour heat map providing visibility of useful related status information (eg. full, empty, available, on hold etc.) - helping to streamline sales processes when dealing with prospects onsite.

Key Features:

  • Greater visibility on plot inventory with interactive map view
  • Use integrated iPad app to quickly view all plots available for families onsite
  • Uncover earning potential of available plots with GPS surveying and cemetery mapping