Cemetery Scheduling Software

Streamline Cemetery Operations with our Real-Time Scheduling Software 

Are you looking for a reliable and efficient solution to streamline cemetery operations?

Look no further! Our cutting-edge real-time scheduling software is designed to make booking and managing burials, cremations, and appointments across multiple sites a breeze. Say goodbye to tedious administrative tasks and embrace a more organized and time-saving approach.

PlotBox Scheduling Solutions

Stay Connected

Share daily, weekly and monthly calendars keep everyone up to date, on track and avoid double-bookings.

Work Smart

Schedule a contract with auto generated burial orders, labels and other paperwork to avoid duplication.

Funeral Portal

Funeral directors can view and book online out of hours, saving paperwork and freeing up time to care.

Key Features of Scheduling 

Shared calendars in real-time

Daily, weekly, monthly views

Color coding

Auto generated paperwork

Linked events

Map burial view

Funeral Director portal

PlotBox scheduling on iPad

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What is the purpose of PlotBox's real-time scheduling software?

Our real-time scheduling system aims to simplify the process of booking and managing burials, cremations, and appointments across multiple sites. It provides a centralized platform that saves time and instills confidence for both you and your team.

How does PlotBox scheduling software work?

Our scheduling system allows you to access and manage burial, cremation, and appointment bookings from a single place. It provides real-time updates, enabling you to see available slots, book or modify appointments, and allocate resources across different sites. The system streamlines the scheduling process and ensures efficient coordination.

What are the benefits of using PlotBox's scheduling software?

By utilizing our scheduling system, you can enjoy several benefits. Firstly, it saves time by eliminating the need to manage bookings separately for each site. Secondly, it provides complete confidence as you have a centralized overview and control over all appointments. Lastly, it enhances coordination within your team by enabling efficient allocation of resources and minimizing scheduling conflicts.

Is PlotBox scheduling software suitable for both burial and cremation services?

Absolutely! Our scheduling system is versatile and caters to the needs of both burial and cremation services. You can easily book and manage appointments for either service type, ensuring smooth operations for your organization.

Can PlotBox scheduling software be accessed by multiple team members?

Yes, our scheduling system supports multiple user access. You can grant permissions to team members, allowing them to view and manage bookings according to their roles and responsibilities. This collaborative feature promotes effective team coordination and ensures everyone has the necessary information at their fingertips.

How does PlotBox scheduling software instill confidence in my team?

Our scheduling system instills confidence by providing a complete overview of all bookings and appointments in one place. This centralized control allows you and your team to have a clear understanding of the schedule, allocate resources efficiently, and avoid scheduling conflicts. With a reliable and user-friendly system, you can trust that your scheduling needs are effectively managed.

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