Reporting in PlotBox

Access all the reports you need at the touch of a button, with powerful visualisations for data analysis and comparisons.

Powerful cemetery management reporting

PlotBox provides detailed reports covering all aspects of cemetery management, including: sales and financial, stock and inventory, and cemetery operations - filter and search across various information sources, including deceased Records, Deeds, Memorials, and Plots.

Easily viewable cemetery data analytics

Analyze sales over time by comparing sales information, illustrating trends, and allowing for comparisons to be made, or open up new revenue streams by identifying burial plot inventory available for sale. 

Key features:

  • Customizable reports in a variety of formats
  • Customizable dashboard - quickly access important information
  • Graphical representations for comparisons and analysis
  • Detailed sales reporting
  • Detailed reporting of burial and cremations
  • Plot Stock and Inventory Reporting