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What is 'True' Digital Mapping?

At PlotBox we have coined the phrase ‘True’ Digital Mapping.


There's no shortage of digital mapping offerings in today’s market and there are a number of ways to interpret what it actually is.

So, what is it?

Let’s keep it simple, basically ‘digital’ means the representation of something on a device digitally. Whether that be a computer, a mobile phone or an iPad. However, there are a few things to consider before you can call a digital map ‘accurate’ just because it appears tidy on a device.

At PlotBox we have coined the phrase ‘True’ Digital Mapping and what we mean by that is ‘an accurate visualisation of your inventory or plots on a device that is connected to your data.’ We believe there are 2 components to ‘true’ digital mapping: it has an element of survey expertise built into it and secondly, it's connected to data that you can trust.

We know what you're dealing with day-to-day in most cases and we’re here to help! From our experience in the industry we have come across all the different types of cemetery maps, including:

Hand Drawn Paper Maps

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Many of these paper maps can go back to hundreds of years ago! Things change including the equipment used and expertize. What does this mean for paper maps? It means they can be flawed and are at a risk of being inaccurate.

Map Books 

These are used to break down each section or each lot.  Again these are at risk of having inaccuracies.

Lot Cards

Stored in small filing cabinets and there can be 1000’s and 1000’s of these which can be hard to manage and trace.

GIS Systems 

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Including Map Info, Esri, Palm Pilot - some of which go back as far as 15/20 years old.

Digitally Recreated Maps

10 or 15 years ago this would have been the new mapping system! These are a traced drawing of a paper map with boxes coloured so you can see what’s available, sold or on hold. They can be a representation of paper maps on a screen and people might represent those as a digital map but it is much different than actually having a true map. You really have to trust how it was created originally for its quality.

CAD Drawings

Can be ranging from how the paper map got recreated in the first place, can be drawn with CAD inside a proper survey where a surveyor went out and did it. These can be good and of high quality but they’re not always done that way!

While we acknowledge the importance of having a map on paper or on a device, we place emphasis on the issue of maps not being connected to your data. Is your current map linked to trusted data? If not, then I’m sure you find difficulty in confidently sharing and using your map in your business!

Click here for more information on linking data to your maps.

Finally, let’s take a look at the benefits of ‘True’ Digital Mapping:

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  • Minimize and eliminate risk of error or lawsuits!
  • Save time/money by increasing efficiency of operations
  • Better communication between grounds crew, administration and sales staff
  • Increased visibility of future planning
  • Ultimately increasing pre-need sales and revenue

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