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At PlotBox, we value the feedback we receive from our customers and always place this at the forefront of our plans. Our customers indicated that the contracts module was an area where they would like to see some updates and of course we listened! Our tech team have been very busy behind the scenes planning a makeover to our contract form. As a result of all their hard work, we’re delighted to introduce 3 new features to our upgraded form...


Plot Selection#1 Purchase and Link Plots On The Same Contract

Previously, at the beginning of generating a contract in the system, users were asked if a ‘Plot Purchase’ was required, if they chose this option they were limited to purchasing plots but if they didn’t select this they were limited to linking a previously purchased plot. In order to simplify this we’ve removed the question on the form and users can now easily choose to ‘Purchase’ and ‘Link’ plots on the contract using the new Plot Selector.

This functionality is really useful for customers who want to buy a second plot after having already paid the purchase of a plot on another contract in full. This will link the two contracts together, creating a more joined up user experience.


#2 Contact Management on Contracts Contact Management

Our customers highlighted that there was too much repetition of data entry for all contacts on a contract. To overcome this, we’ve designed a table where all contacts on the contract will be added and displayed. This decreases the time our users have to spend entering contact data on contracts and allows them to quickly access all contact information in one place.


#3 Custom Payment Plans

Custom Payment PlanUsers now have the option to configure custom payment plans. This is controlled by role permissions, meaning admin users will have the ability to create a custom payment plan, which includes setting out specific down payment percentages required and interest rates. Once configured, this can be selected on the contract payment plan section by the counsellors and removes any possible user error.

These are only a few examples of the enhancements we’ve made on our contract form. The new form will be pushed live soon and we’re looking forward to our customers using it!

Interested in learning more about contract management in PlotBox? Click here.

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