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Five reasons why you should ditch the filing cabinet and go digital...Experts in digital maps, transcribing cemetery records and management software.


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Do you use your smartphone for absolutely everything and yet when you go to work you're still using lots of paper? Adopting new technologies in your cemetery offers endless opportunities to increase workflow efficiency. Increasing efficiency, paves the way to increasing your profits. Increasing your profits paves the way to...well, you get the point.

So, why are many cemeteries opting for the age-old filing cabinet method and not integrating new digital systems into the their existing methods?

Moving from using books and ledgers to software can be a daunting task and not all of us are "technologically-savvy". And implementing a cloud system like PlotBox would require the green light from the whole team.  

PlotBox was created and designed with the non-techie people in mind; the transition couldn't be easier. Therefore here's our 5 top tips on going digital:

Tip #1 Keep it simple

What's more off-putting than paragraphs of technical jargon, multiple features and too many buttons? Nothing. Choose your technology wisely, going digital should be seamless. Avoid technology that’s more complicated than it needs to be and select a system that’s approachable and intuitive.

Therefore, simple terms and features that are similar to your current operating methods, will ensure swift adoption.

Tip #2 Encouragement

Involving the team in the process of going digital is key. Employees often fear that they may not have the skills and competencies to operate the new system. Offering training is essential when encouraging a move to digitalization.

Keep in mind that some employees might require a bit more handholding and support in the form of one to one coaching, while others may prefer online training. We've found it’s often key to appoint a ‘super-user’ who can champion the change and bring others along on the journey.

Tip #3 Highlight the quick wins

Consider the main benefits and selling points of adopting new technologies.

Will it save you time spent on menial administrative tasks? Will it enable salespeople the opportunity to sell more? Or increase productivity in a way that reduces costs? Will it reduce the need for so much paper?

You should have answered "yes" to at least 2 of these questions. Ultimately, a new system will make your life better.

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Tip #4 Integrate a one stop shop

There are no shortage of  apps these days but how many are actually useful and meet the needs of your business? Some may contain certain features and functions that you require, but won't service all your business processes. Ensure the technologies and systems are the right fit for your business.

Often forgotten but equally important, does your new system provider offer technology support when there's a fault?

Ensure that there's expert technical advice on hand should you require it and that it’s easily accessible. Ask what their response times are as well as their protocols for categorizing and responding to minor, major and critical issues.

Tip #5 Ensuring it's future proof

Finally, you've gone through the trouble of choosing the right technology to implement into your cemetery to meet all your needs, and you’ve got the whole team onboard.

Is it future proof? Does this company have the capability and vision to offer new innovations and features as and when they arise? And will you have to pay for it in upgrades? 

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