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So what is PlotBox? 

PlotBox is a cloud based death care management solution that facilitates cemeteries in operating to world class standards. It pulls everything you need to do from Contracts to Accounting all into the ONE place, saving you time and money.

It is unique and significantly superior because unlike all other providers, it is the world's first solution to fully integrate two previously separate functions - software and mapping.

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Full software & mapping integration

Why is full software and mapping integration so important? 

Quite simply, it means we're able to increase the number and scope of problems we solve enormously. It puts PlotBox in a completely different space to other providers. Think of it like a more advanced software solution than anything on the market, fused with 1 inch accurate 'Google maps for cemeteries'.

There's nothing else like it.

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Return On Investment

Reduce time spent on routine tasks that every cemetery carries out by up to 78%! In addition, discover how PlotBox is reducing the liability of risk for busy cemeterians!

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Return On Investment


Business Administration

With Records Management bring all deceased records together into a quickly searchable database that includes images of headstones & paper records, and is linked to locations.

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Sales Management

Generate pre and at-need contracts with ease. Manage Contracts and customer contacts in a fully integrated CRM (Customer Relationship Management system) workflow to make the entire contract process more streamlined.

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Verified Mapping

High resolution drone imagery and the verified mapping process creates a Digital Map showing real-time inventory status & links all record data to a location. Reducing risk and validating new inventory for sale.

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Interpret financial data without having to pull together a ton of Excel spreadsheets. Our main Accounting Reports include: General Ledger, Accounts Receivable, Liabilities, Trust Funding and more!

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Work Orders

Users can easily generate Work Orders from customized drop down lists and quickly assign tasks to staff. Tasks can be linked to locations on a map to show exactly where the work needs to be done.

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Public Facing Website

Everafter is the advanced Public Interface that both generates leads and revenue for cemeteries and improves service levels for families with tools like Walk to Grave and online ordering.

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PlotBox In Practice

Monica Williams, Archdiocese of San Francisco

'I really enjoy being able to see updated sales reports, inventory reports and a host of other reports in real time. That's all allowing us to better serve our families and provide more updated, contemporary information as we move the cemetery forward. We're very happy with the work PlotBox has done for us, and grateful for the support they've given us along the way.'

PlotBox User Reviews



Linda Kelly-Smith, Rookwood General Cemetery

'Communication and collaboration with the PlotBox team has been exceptional from the very beginning and the whole way through the project. Having a dedicated Project Manager has really been essential to the success of the project that we have.'

User Reviews

Tracey Joliffe, North Watford Cemetery

'The transition to PlotBox has been so easy. We’ve been kept us in the loop throughout the whole process. PlotBox made sure to plan the project around other commitments such as staff leave, to make sure the timeline was as realistic as possible. We were given weekly progress updates and were never left in limbo, I’d happily recommend PlotBox to any Bereavement Service provider!'


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